Elope? Traditional Wedding? Small Intimate Ceremony?

Wedding Ceremony Options

DSCN1331Originally the word elope referred to lovers running away together to marry secretly, however eloping these days can be to have a small intimate ceremony with close family and friends. Whatever term used, the result is you’re legally married, provided a registered celebrant performs the ceremony.

Most couples who choose an elopement style of ceremony choose this option for many reasons, they just want a small private, no frills wedding without having to go through the fuss of planning a traditional wedding.

Couples who elope, or choose a small intimate wedding, say they want to save money. The traditional wedding with family, friends, work mates, can cost in the vicinity of $20,000 plus so a small ceremony with just two witnesses is a great option to save serious money, better spent on a great honeymoon, maybe even flying first class!

Other reasons are the time saved in planning with the benefit that all important special day can happen much quicker. Family complications can be avoided, divorced parents, different cultures with different expectations, one family may be overseas and it’s not appropriate to have onlIMG_5405y one family at the wedding.

Not everyone wants a big wedding, shy and introverted people find being the centre of attention stressful. Previously married, the idea of having another big `celebration’ may be awkward, so that small intimate celebration would be just the answer.

For some couples a destination marriage suits them, however in some countries this marriage may not be legal, so `eloping’ in Australia provides the perfect option to formalise your overseas wedding.

If eloping is the right option for you and your fiance, consider some variations,

  • have a ceremony that’s just the two of you, but throw a party afterward,
  • invite only your best friends and your parents and have a celebratory meal afterward,
  • hire a professional photographer then send out great photos to announce your marriage.  See this article ..Why to engage a Professional Photographer

When marrying in Australia there needs to be two witnesses, however if you’re planning an elopement, in the original sense of the word a secret affair, then we can arrange those witnesses for you.

If you’re thinking about an elopement or small intimate ceremony, then give me a call to find out how I can assist you. I will proviMarriage Certificatede the venue with water views and, if you want, professional photos at a reasonable fee, arrange a professional AIPP accredited photographer to capture those special memories. My aim it to make your marriage planning relaxed, easy, cost effective without the wait of a traditional wedding. This can all happen in only a month, at a time to suit you – perfect solution to wedding planning stress!

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