What Does A Civil Celebrant Do?

Hi I’m Laurel, welcome to my website. I am a registered and experienced marriage celebrant and have had the honour to have officiated at over a hundred marriages.

Venturing into the world of blogs came about from the upgrade of my website.  I am excited that you can now search for a marriage celebrant and find my website with a clear view on your mobile phone. Enjoy an Intimate Wedding In My Garden

I hope you find the information and tips in my blog useful so that planning your marriage is as easy as possible. Many of my clients tell me that they just don’t know where to start so here I am writing my first blog about `what a celebrant does’.

As a registered marriage celebrant my role is to ensure that your marriage is legal and that the ceremony is conducted the way you want and befits the importance of marriage. My style is relaxed and friendly so that you can be comfortable in telling me exactly the way you want to be married, hence my mantra Your Special Day – Your Way!Beach Weddings In Queensland

Firstly I explain the basic legal aspects,

• the lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage form (must be lodged one month before the date of the marriage);
• the verification of your identity (sighting your original birth certificate or passport if you’re not born in Australia and photo ID – your driver’s licence or Proof of Age card);
• The Laws you need to know about when you marry; and
• The legal documents, the Declaration, The Certificate of Marriage and the Registered Marriage Certificate.
The New Couple Leaving The Church

Then we talk about the fun part, your ceremony, and the way you want this to happen. During my time as a marriage celebrant I have conducted many different marriage ceremonies. Very simple, informal ceremonies at my home at Cleveland with the Bride and Groom and the two witnesses required by the Law, semi-formal at a beach wedding at Noosa with the couple’s pet dog Ralphy as an attendant, formal and traditional at the lovely Old Church at North Tamborine. I have many wonderful memories of being a marriage celebrant as this is a great job.

Phone me to talk about your marriage, or email me for more information on how I can assist you with your wedding vows!

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